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Hole 1 – Timacuan Pines

Favor the left side off the tee. The green complex features collars that slope off sharply in front of, behind, and to the right of the green, an errant shot into this green cam make for a difficult up and down.

Tees Yardage
Gold 397
Blue 368
White 331
Black 296
Green 294
Red 263

Hole 2 – Burial Ground

Play toward the 150 yard marker. With water and sand to the left of this green, the safe play is to stay well right where a generous collection area absorbs any errant shot.

Tees Yardage
Gold 421
Blue 389
White 340
Black 214
Green 290
Red 215

Hole 3

Accuracy is crucial here as hazards run along both sides of this reachable Par 5. Green slopes severely from the back left to the fron right.

Tees Yardage
Gold 503
Blue 490
White 457
Black 395
Green 400
Red 388

Hole 4 – Rising Mounds

Proper club selection is important on the first and longest Par 3 at Timacuan. Choose enough club to carry all the way up to this elevated green. The green slopes back to front and drops off severely on the front right corner. Par is a good score here.

Tees Yardage
Gold 214
Blue 184
White 175
Black 134
Green 134
Red 94

Hole 5 – Open Valley

Long hitters can challenge this green in two, but a small green is guarded by the deepest bunker on the golf course that is certain to swallow up any shor that comes up short.

Tees Yardage
Gold 526
Blue 489
White 456
Black 423
Green 418
Red 398

Hole 6 – Medicine Bowl

One of the longest Par 4’s on the golf course, hole #6 benfits from the most generous fairway at Timacuan. Avoid going right on the approach as a large bunker guards the green both to the right and long.

Tees Yardage
Gold 457
Blue 417
White 387
Black 365
Green 312
Red 308

Hole 7 – Desert Island

Any errant shot is almost certain to find a giant bunker that surrounds the entire green.

Tees Yardage
Gold 171
Blue 158
White 129
Black 130
Green 122
Red 89

Hole 8 – Crane’s Bluff

The longest Par 4 on the golf course is a slight dogleg to the left. A tee shot up the left side will make this monster of a hole play slightly shorter, however a large bunker just left of the fairway makes cutting the corner a very risky choice. The downhill approach into this huge green plays a few yards shorter than it measures.

Tees Yardage
Gold 464
Blue 434
White 371
Black 360
Green 341
Red 322

Hole 9 – Lone Pine

As you tee off from the highest point on the golf course, the longer your drive on this hole, the more accurate it must be. The small putting surface slopes considerably from back to front, and is protected by a deep bunker on the left and a lone pine to the right.

Tees Yardage
Gold 420
Blue 391
White 365
Black 325
Green 339
Red 301

Hole 10 – Commanche’s Cove

Two lakes along the left side of this fairway come into play off the tee, while any approach that veers too far rights is likely to find the large lake that surrounds the right side of this Par 4.

Tees Yardage
Gold 444
Blue 408
White 383
Black 310
Green 315
Red 293

Hole 11 – Sand Pine Pass

This is the shortest of the Par 4’s at Timacuan, however an accurate tee shot is a must. The small putting surface is protected by severe slopes short and to the left of the green.

Tees Yardage
Gold 364
Blue 337
White 331
Black 325
Green 307
Red 285

Hole 12 – Apache Bend

The preferred tee shot will draw slightly around the corner and leave you with a wood or long iron into a tiny green. Two large bunkers guard the front right and left side of the green, so a precise approach is crucial to give you the best opportunity for birdie or eagle.

Tees Yardage
Gold 508
Blue 488
White 444
Black 420
Green 400
Red 356

Hole 13 – Sleeping Oaks

The shortest Par 3 on the golf course. A miss to the right side of the green will most likely find a large bunker, while a miss to the left may find your ball out of bounds, or leave you with a very difficult up and down from well above the putting surface.

Tees Yardage
Gold 166
Blue 156
White 145
Black 146
Green 125
Red 115

Hole 14 – Canoe Crossing

Placement is the key on this short Par 4. A long drive is not necessarily a good thing here, as you may find yourself blocked out by a large tree on the left, or flirting with a large fairway bunker on the right. From the ideal landing area, you will be left with a mid to short iron approach to the flattest putting surface at Timacuan.

Tees Yardage
Gold 395
Blue 379
White 346
Black 350
Green 335
Red 237

Hole 15 – Timacuan’s Revenge

The final Par 5 at Timacuan provides you with one of the most challenging tee shots you will ever find. A forced carry over a large lake is made even more difficult with water coming into play on both sides of the fairway. A well-struck tee shot will allow long hitters to challenge this green in two. An ideal lay up area for everyone else is just left of two fairway bunkers. This will leave you with one hundred yards left into a narrow green that slopes from back to front.

Tees Yardage
Gold 532
Blue 489
White 451
Black 435
Green 409
Red 345

Hole 16 – Eagle Point

The signature hole at Timacuan, a long Par 3 over water provides one of the most beautiful, and nerve-racking tee shots you can imagine. With trees to the left of the green and water wrapping around all three other sides, this hole can be incredibly unforgiving.

Tees Yardage
Gold 203
Blue 168
White 159
Black 148
Green 148
Red 120

Hole 17 – Trail of Tears

The safest tee shot is a shorter shot just left of the fairway bunker that will leave you with around 125 yards left into this green. If you are feeling brave, you can challenge the lake and cut off a chunk of this risk reward hole. A generous collection area to the left of this green provides you with a simple pitch shot and better chance of getting up and down.

Tees Yardage
Gold 412
Blue 368
White 339
Black 339
Green 306
Red 268

Hole 18 – Journey’s End

An ideal tee shot is down the right side, as any shot down the left side is certain to get swallowed up by a stand of trees, or a large fairway bunker that hides just around the corner. A large bunker guards the left side of the putting surface. Par is a good score on this closing hole.

Tees Yardage
Gold 450
Blue 418
White 392
Black 340
Green 348
Red 296
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